Monday, May 27, 2013


21 hours and four buses later, we're home! It was such a great, fun trip. I'm so glad I got to go.

Just as wonderful as all the sights we saw in New York were the patience and kindness with which every person on the trip approached each funny situation we found ourselves in. I felt a lot of pride in Northside when despite seemingly endless delays, short-notice cancellations, and trips to McDonalds, our morale stayed akin to our Heritage Festival scores: deserving of five squillion plaques and trophies. We got along so well, and considering the conspicuously low priority of sleep in the trip itinerary, I think that says a lot about us. Northside rules.

Thank you Mr. Park, Mr. Lill, Ms. Martinez, and all of the parent chaperones!

— Spencer Tweedy (jazz band)

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